Thursday, January 7, 2016


72 STORE ROOM. Here the gnolls store their goods (most bought from the hobgoblins in Rooms 3 to 6). They never bother to throw things away, so there are lots of opened and empty boxes, crates, and barrels scattered about the room. A rather narrow path leads from the north to south corridor between all the items. A complete search of the room would take several hours.

Enough food is here to support both gnoll tribes, their slaves, and supporters (ogre, hobgoblins, goblins) for about three months. The majority is salt-packed pork, dry biscuit, fruit preserves, pickles, and similar item that do not perish easily. About 70% of the food is actually in decent condition and should be considered edible even by human standards. The gnolls' stomachs are quite able to deal with spoiled food (or even carrion) so they distinguish little between the good and spoiled provisions.

The gnolls' keep a sizable quantity of alcohol. This includes seven half-sized barrels of small beer (each holding 124 pints, worth about 500 copper pieces, and weighing 1500 gp weight), three kegs of rum (each holding 100 gills, worth about 75 silver pieces, and weighing 400 gp weight), and about sixty bottles of cheap red wine (each worth between 2 and 7 (1d6+1) silver pieces).

A huge opened crate holding cigars is here. The remaining supply would be worth up to 50 gold crescents, and the crate weighs 250 gp weight.

There are stacks of wood for burning (most of it is broken furniture) piled against the west wall.

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