Monday, January 4, 2016


69 SLAVER'S CHAMBER. This room is home to an ogre, who works for the Yellow Fang and Black Tooth gnolls to guard their slaves.

Heftywise (AC 5; MV 9”; HD 4+1; hp 25; #AT 1; D Bastard sword +2 to damage due to strength; XP 215)

Because he is so big, when he uses his bastard sword it always does damage as if he was using it two-handed, even though he only holds it in one hand. He keeps the key to Room 70 on a belt loop on his britches, along with about forty other keys that don't appear to fit any other key-hole in the dungeon. He has a tarnished hair pin which looks like it is made of bone and tin. It is actually made of ivory and silver and worth 750 gold crescents.

He is unusually stupid, even for an ogre. The gnolls pay him in food and copper pieces because he cannot distinguish between coins of different value. He also cannot count, so they rob him while he is asleep. They make sure not to skip his meals, however, otherwise he tends to eat the slaves.

Heftywise sleeps on a pile of blankets in the center of the room. He keeps his treasure in an old chamber pot. It currently holds 58 copper pieces.

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