Wednesday, October 14, 2015


3 GUARD POST. This 90' square room is dominated by a large central statue. Four hobgoblins are on lookout duty.

4 Hobgoblins (AC 5 or 1; MV 9"; HD 1+1; hp 5, 3, 6, 5; #AT 1; D Short bow or black iron morning star; XP 38, 34, 40, 38)

The grey stone statue is a huge reverse minotaur. Its lower portion is centaur-like but with a bull body instead of that of a stallion. The torso, head and arms are manlike but the bearded head has a fierce expression and sports wicked horns. The word “MANLEUS” is carved on the statue's heavy marble pedestal. It faces south.

Each hobgoblin has 0-5 (1d6-1) gold crescents, 0-11 (1d12-1) silver spanners, and 1-20 copper pieces. Each carries a morning star, a short bow, and a quiver with a dozen or so arrows. The hobgoblins are located just north of the the large statue and it will provide 50% cover, or an armor class improvement of 4 for missile combat against attackers from the south.

These guards have been instructed to deal with minor nuisances by themselves, but to alert others if a significant danger arrives. If their enemies prove to be powerful, surviving hobgoblins will break off from missile combat to run and alert their fellows in Rooms 4, 5, and/ or 6.


  1. when can we expect to see the floor description and random monster table?
    also for future reference; it might be a good idea to save a second copy of your maps somewhere just in case eats them again.
    Groaning Spirit

    1. It will probably be a few days. I am doing some rewrite of the level and the changing monster population requires it.