Wednesday, January 6, 2016


71 MESS HALL. A female slave and a Black Tooth gnoll matron are here. The slave is tending to a tiny fire in the west firepit.

Black Tooth Gnoll Female (AC 5; MV 9”; HD 2; hp 14; #AT 1; D Quarter staff or dagger +1 to damage due to strength; SA +1 to hit with thrown dagger; XP 56)

She has a necklace made from human teeth and silver buttons (the buttons are worth a total of 120 gold crescents). She carries a quarter staff, 3 daggers, 3 gold crescents, 7 silver spanners, and 13 copper pieces. Like the other Black Tooth gnolls, her teeth have had black material applied to them.

Desierra Starlight, Chaotic Good female human Magic-User (AC 10; MV 3”[12”]; MU3; hp 9; #AT 1; D By weapon type; SA Spell use; S 5, I 16, W 15, D 9, C 7, Ch 6; XP 121)

First Level Magic user Spells:
Detect Magic, Hold Portal

Second Level Magic user Spells:

Desierra is about sixty year old and has been a prisoner for one faction or another of the dungeon for the last two years. This has turned her a bit batty. She has been holding on to her memorized spells all that time, waiting for an opportunity to use them. Her spell book was lost long ago and she no longer has the piece of mica she needs to cast the shatter spell.

This room is used by both gnolls and slaves to take meals. There are four large tables and seating for more than forty humanoids. Two large fire pits are here, one near the west wall and the other near the northeast. Ventilation is poor, but the ceiling height is fourteen feet and the smoke is usually not too bad when the fire pits are being used.

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