Friday, May 15, 2015


76 HESIOD'S ROOM. The door to this room is locked.

This was the bedroom of Hesiod Triskelion, the judge. There is a wardrobe in the southwest corner. A large bed is to the northwest and above are several stained glass windows. Next to the bed is a large iron chest draped in cloth of gold. The walls are paneled in expensive dark wood. There are several silk hangings with pictures of delicate trees with red and purple flowers. A heavy table is against the east wall.

The wardrobe holds large amounts of clothing including several huge red and black robes, Hesiod's judge's raiment.

The cloth of gold over the chest is valued at 30 gold crescents. The chest is trapped: if not discovered and disarmed, the trap will release a spray of potent acid. The opener must save versus dragon breath or take 2d6 damage. Within are various legal papers, and personal effects. These include a silver snuffbox (20 gold crescents), a thick braided gold necklace (500 gold crescents), four sets of jet cufflinks valued at a total of 10 gold crescents, and a heavy wooden gavel.

If sold the wall hangings are worth at least 125 gold crescents in total.

The table holds an equal-arm balance, several lead weights, and a thick book bound in red and black. On the balance is the inscription “equal parts yield good measure”. These labeled weights weigh 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 20 gp weight. If the scales are balanced with the weights (for example, a 2 weight and a 3 weight are placed on the left and a 5 weight is placed on the right), the secret door to Room 77 will open. It is a revolving door with a central axis.

The book is a logbook showing the results of hundreds of trials. Each entry has one or more names, a date, a charge, a verdict, and a sentence. All verdicts are 'guilty'. All sentences are 'death'.

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