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89 ELEGANT BATHING CHAMBER. This deluxe bathing room has a glossy black tiled floor and walls. There are three unlit candelabras with scented candles, a hamper, a small chest with towels and scented soap, and an antique style tub with hot and cold water faucets. A huge ornate fountain is in the center of the room, bubbling with boiling hot water. Coins and gems can be seen under the surface.

A water weird is in the pool, but it will take two rounds (120 seconds) for it to form. In the mean time, the party might be figuring out how to get the treasure from the pool. Because of the great heat of the water, anyone immersing a limb in the fountain will take 1 hit point of damage per round from its intense heat. Merely touching the water causes no damage if the limb is immediately withdrawn, but this will also prevent one from merely scooping up the treasure.

Water Weird (AC 4; MV 12”; HD 3+3; hp 14; #AT 0; D Nil; SA Drowning, strike as 6 hit die monster; SD Sharp weapons cause only one point of damage, general immunity to most magic, if disrupted will reform in 2 rounds; XP 426)

The water weird can strike out at 1 character per melee round, attacking as if it were a 6 hit die monster. If the water weird hits, the victim must save versus paralyzation, or he or she has been pulled into the pool with the monster and begins drowning.

At this point, a character may hold his or her breath for a number of segments equal to his or her constitution score. After that, the character will begin to drown. This takes 3-18 additional drowning segments, in which the character cannot aid in helping himself or herself. Each segment spent in this fashion costs a hit point of damage, even if the character is later rescued. In addition, as described before, the great heat of the water causes additional damage. Immersion of only a single limb is only 1 hit point per round, but when the water weird has the character in its clutches, the damage rises to 1d6+1 per round.

If not rescued within that time the character is dead, but can be revived by any cure wound spell if cast within 5 minutes. This will bring the individual to the 1 hit point level. At this point additional curing is required to cover the amount of heat damage sustained by the boiling water or the character will succumb to this damage and perish again.

The water is not hot enough to disturb the water weird. Water weirds are just about impossible to kill, but can be disrupted. They take only a single point of damage from sharp weapons but blunt weapons do full damage. Cold based attacks slow them. Against fire based attacks they take half damage or no damage if they make their saving throw. Other magic either does not affect them or does disruption damage only, based on the Dungeon Master's ruling. Even if it loses all its hit points, the water weird will reform with all hit points restored in another two rounds. A purify water spell will destroy it.

Within the fountain are 1,124 silver spanners, 568 gold crescents, 3 gems, and 4 pieces of jewelery. The gems are a 500 gold crescent topaz, a 60 gold crescent amethyst, and a 10 gold crescent turquoise. The jewelery includes a wrought platinum cape clasp (500 gold crescents), a gold scepter decorated with tourmaline gemstones (3000 gold crescents), a silver necklace decorated with spinels (2500 gold crescents), and a silver chain with pearl fob (750 gold crescents).

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