Wednesday, May 27, 2015


88 NICOLA'S BEDROOM. This room is furnished as a bedroom, although it is decorated as one more fit for a woodsman than a noble born lady. A large bed is against the west wall, a wardrobe and book shelf are against the south wall, and three large glass windows are in the north wall. Four large candelabras are here, although none are lit.

The bed is decorated with animal skins. There is a nearby nightstand with a candlestick, a silver candle sniffer worth 2 silver spanners, and a onyx dog type figurine of wondrous power.

The huge antique wardrobe holds white blouses, various dresses, trousers, leather coats, boots, and eighteen sashes in different colors.

The book shelf holds a book describing dog breeds, a pair of gold dog bookends worth 50 gold crescents each, and a scroll of protection from werewolves.

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