Friday, May 22, 2015


83 DELUXE BATHING ROOM. The first thing that the adventurers will notice is that the the room is foggy with hot water vapor and the walls are hung with several mirrors. In one of the mirrors, the characters will clearly see a woman, but they will see her only in the mirror, not actually in the room. She is a pretty young lady with a sad expression and a pale complexion. She is the Drowned Girl, and she was killed in this room.

The Drowned Girl, Restless Dead (AC -; MV -; HD -; hp -; #AT 0; D Nil; SD Cause fear, immune to all physical and most magical attacks; XP -)

The Drowned Girl cannot attack, but seeing her causes fear, as the cleric spell, forcing those that are affected to leave the room. It functions at the 8th level of experience. It may be countered by remove fear, or those affected may try to enter the room again after a full turn. Note that hirelings and most henchmen will not elect to return to the room having once succumbed to fear. Forcing them may affect loyalty.

She cannot be turned but can be banished for a day by a remove curse spell. Exorcism will be effective in permanently removing her. Smashing all the mirrors will doom her to remain trapped in the room for eternity.

Despite her fear-causing ability, she desperately wants to communicate, which she can perform in two ways. First, she can send messages to adventurers by writing in the foggy mirrors. Second, if she can convince an adventurer to place his or her bare hand on the mirror, she can speak telepathically and send images relating her story by placing her hand over his or hers.

The Drowned Girl can be released from this world if her murderer, Hesiod Triskelion, is defeated. She was one of Desdemona's lady's maids and in his youth, Hesiod desired her. Disgusted by the man and his advances, she rejected him. He personally killed her in this room by forcing her head beneath the water of the bathtub, then successfully blamed a manservant for the crime, whom he had put to death.

The Drowned Girl will try to convince the party to go to Room 77 and retrieve Hesiod's medallion (or his head). The sight of either is enough to free her from her imprisonment. She can explain how to get there and has become aware of the secret of the balance in Room 76.

If she is freed from this cursed existence her form will shimmer and turn golden. She will then ascend through the ceiling. Adventurers who participated in her relief will immediately gain 1000 experience points and her blessing, which heals 1d10 hit points, then gives +1 on saving throws and grants freedom from being surprised. These latter two effects will each last for one full day.

The decoration of the bathing room has a distinctive feminine influence. The walls are tiled sea blue and pink and the floors and ceilings are decorated with dolphin shaped tiles. The room is lit by two glass continual light globes hanging from the ceiling. A toilet and a basin with hot and cold pump faucets is against the west wall. In the center of the room is a huge bathtub on a stone stand. Flanking the bathtub are two tables. Two hampers are to the north.

The first table holds seventeen assorted scented candles. The other holds scented soap and ten jars. Seven of the jars are colored and hold fragrant bathing oil: lavender (purple), jasmine (light blue-green), bergamot (golden orange), sandalwood (clear), rose water (clear), citrus (deep orange), and vanilla (creamy white). The last three hold Keoghtom's ointment.

The hampers hold towels and bath robes.