Thursday, May 21, 2015


82 SECRET CORRIDOR AND ROOM. This was once the bolt-hole and hiding spot of Madding Triskelion, but three creepers have taken up residence.

3 Stage III Creepers (AC 4; MV 12”//9”; HD 4; hp 13, 19, 22; #AT 1 bite or 1 weapon; D 1-8 or by weapon type; SA Gaze slows; SD Regenerate 1 hit point each round; XP 242, 266, 278)

Two of the creepers have black iron tridents, captured from koalinths. The last has a bastard sword.

There is a large wardrobe. Four continual light globes hanging from the ceiling provide light.

The wardrobe contains Madding Triskelion's stash for disguise and assassination. There are cosmetics and men's and women's clothing in a variety of foreign and familiar styles. There is also a false back. Hidden in this area are nine green felt bags and a shelf with ten unmarked bottles.

Bag Contents
1 Poict currency: 24 gold crowns, 64 silver pannisters, and 143 real pennies
2 Sarcoy currency: 91 gold crescents, 87 silver spanners, and 103 copper pieces
3 Sealean currency: 15 gold harps, 65 silver lutes, and 102 copper zithers
4 Elvish currency: 25 gold vinimes and 55 silver tamos
5 Sionese currency: 21 gold wheels, 54 silver scales, and 76 copper spelts
6 Dwarvish currency: 7 gold mabans, 43 silver khurams, 21 electrum lugdushes, and 89 copper ganes
7 Wolhusen currency: 5 gold guilders, 44 silver ducats, and 18 copper plugs
8 Fribourg currency: 17 gold griffons, 32 silver lions, and 42 copper jackals
9 Gems: 6 bloodstones (50 gold crescents each) and 3 garnets (100, 100, and 300 gold crescents, respectively).

Bottle Contents
1 and 2 Red liquid: type A ingestive poison
3 Cloudy gray liquid: giant centipede venom
4 Green liquid: type C ingestive poison
5 Clear liquid: potion of gaseous form (tastes like water)
6 Thick orange liquid: type B insinuative poison
7 Very fine and light metal dust: dust of appearance
8 Very fine and light metal dust: dust of disappearance
9 Empty
10 Thick purple liquid: giant scorpion poison

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  1. we're missing the appearance of the gaseous form potion, just pointing it out!
    Groaning Spirit