Tuesday, May 19, 2015


80 FELISA'S BEDROOM. There is a wardrobe near the west wall, while a bed and a weapon's rack are near the east wall.

The wardrobe holds a few simple white tunics, belts, leather boots, leather gloves, and a set of studded leather armor.

The bed has its headboard carved in the shape of a ship's wheel. Underneath is a wooden box holding sleeping gowns, small knives, whittled statues of animals, and a bag of 46 gold crescents and 81 silver spanners.

The weapon's rack holds two spears, a footman's flail, and an intelligent magic sword, Albaran.

Albaran, Neutral Good long sword + 2, giant slayer (Intelligence 14, Ego 10)
  • Detects true giants in a 100 foot radius
  • Can grant strength to its user, as the magic user's spell, once per day lasting for 6 turns
  • Can speak with any giant and also speaks in the same languages as whoever holds it

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