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70 HOME OF THE GNIT WIT. This is the home of the gnit tribe's resident gnit wit, a witchdoctor some of some power. He is attended by his pet gnawga and three gnit assistants. As mentioned in the description for Room 69, the residents of this room will likely come to the aid of the other gnits.

Icky Paatang, Chaotic evil gnit Witchdoctor (AC 7; MV 9”; C4/MU2; hp 19; #AT 1; D Gnit pick; SA Spell use, attacks as a 3+ hit die monster; XP 260)

First Level Cleric Spells:
Cure Light Wounds, Detect Magic, Light

Second Level Cleric Spells:
Resist Fire, Speak With Animals

First Level Magic User Spells:
Dancing Lights, Push

Icky has a small bottle of quicksilver for the resist fire spell, powdered brass for the push spell, a glowworm for the dancing lights spell, a wooden holy symbol of Bulg, 12 copper pieces, 8 silver spanners, and 9 gold crescents.

1 Gnawga (AC 5; MV 15”; HD 2+1; hp 15; #AT 1 bite; D 2-8; XP 80)

3 Gnits (AC 7; MV 9”; HD 2-5 hit points; hp 3, 2, 4; #AT 1; D Gnit pick; XP 8, 7, 9)

Each gnit has 3d8 copper pieces.

The room is furnished with desks, tables, a bed, and all manner of paraphernalia mostly consisting of carved sticks, well-used candles, colored glass beads, and poor examples of taxidermy. The west and south walls have small glass windows. Icky's spell book is on one table and holds the magic-user spells he has memorized. He is also entrusted with the gnit's treasure which consists of three metal strongboxes. The first holds 1203 copper pieces, the second holds two silver bracelets (50 gold crescents each) and a silver dagger, and the third holds 175 silver spanners and 13 gold crescents.

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