Wednesday, December 24, 2014


These twin silver needles once belonged to Old Mother Night. They have the following qualities:
  • They strike as +1 weapons doing 1d3 points of damage +1 for the magical bonus. It is possible to strike with just one needle or to strike with one in each hand, in which case there are normal penalties for fighting with a weapon in each hand. For weapon proficiency, the needles should be considered daggers.
  • They act as +4, not +1, weapons against undead.
  • If both needles are grasped in one hand (not used to fight), they give a +4 bonus to saving throws against undead special attacks such as ghoul paralysis. If the attack is one that does not usually allow a saving throw, such as shadow strength drain, mummy rot, or energy drain, the possessor of the needles is entitled to one, though without a bonus. Holding the needles in such a way prevents one from using a shield in that hand.
  • Presenting the needles forcefully allows one to turn undead as if the possessor was a third level cleric.

XP VALUE: 1,500

GP VALUE: 8,000

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