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63 ROOM OF MYSTERY. This room will appear differently each time it is visited. Roll a 1d20 to determine what room is found each time the door is opened.

Room 1: The room is 10'x10'. A throne holds a diamond resting on a plush red cushion, it is actually a glass fake.

Room 2: A 5'x2½' broom closet with brooms and mops.

Room 3: There is no room, the doorway is blocked with red bricks.

Room 4: The room is 20'x20' a pool of pink syrup is here. A drink will heal 3-12 hit points to the first character who tries, then the liquid will turn into green slime.

Green Slime (AC 8; MV 0”; HD 2; hp 13; #AT 1 (drip); D Turn to slime in 1-4 rounds; SA Corrosive properties; XP 626)

Room 5: The room is 20'x25', it is a library but the books are filled with blank pages.

Room 6: There is no room. The door opens into outer space and galaxies, stars, planets, and comets can be seen. Strangely, the characters are completely safe unless they step out into the void.

Room 7: The room is 30'x40', it is the den of two giant scorpions.

2 Giant Scorpions (AC 3; MV 15”; HD 5+5; hp 17 each; #AT 2 claws and 1 sting; D 1-10/1-10/1-4; SA Poison sting; XP 752 each)

Room 8: The room is a 10'x10'. A real diamond sits on a plush red cushion on a throne. Its value is 7500 gold crescents.

Room 9: The room is 20'x35', a painting of a clock is against the far wall, the handles of the clock are moving and it is the correct time.

Room 10: The room is 10'x10', an envelope sits on the floor. It holds a currently due and bona fide tavern bill for one of the characters (3 silver spanners, roll character randomly). They will be forced to pay it as if geased.

Room 11: The room is a water closet, 10'x10'.

Room 12: The room is 30'x40', it holds a giant floating head identical to the one in Room 62, except it is real.

Giant Floating Head (AC 7; MV 3”; HD 6; hp 40; #AT 1; D Small fireball for 3-18; SD Immune to fire; XP 565)

The giant floating head will not give chase if the party flees.

Room 13: The room is 10'x30', it is a pantry filled with jars of pickles.

Room 14: The room is 20'x25', a silver flute (30 gold crescents) and sheet music are on a table.

Room 15: The room is 10'x25', a swinging log trap launches itself towards the party. The persons in the first row must save vs petrification at -4 to dodge or take 4-16 points of damage. The persons in the second row must save vs petrification or take 2-8 points of damage.

Room 16: The room is 30'x40', but the ceiling is 50' high. A wooden wand is in the middle of the floor. It is a fake, but written on it is the word “Caramel”. A key is on a hook 40' off the floor, above the doorway. A cupboard is located 30' off the floor, located on the far wall. The cupboard is locked, but can be opened by the key. It contains a real wand of frost (75 charges), which works when the command word “Caramel” is used.

Room 17: Two skeletons are sparring with longswords. If interrupted, they will attack the adventurers. The room is 20'x20'.

2 Skeletons (AC 7; MV 12"; HD 1; hp 8 each; #AT 1; D Longsword; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity; XP 26 each)

Room 18: A djinn lives in this 20'x30' room. He will magically create any one food each adventurer wishes before disappearing. The food is delicious and nourishing (heals 2-5 hit points, or heals any one disease or curse that the character has). He is affable but will perform no other service.

Djinn (AC 4; MV 9”/24”; HD 7+3; hp 33; #AT 1; D 2-16; SA Whirlwind, magic use, SD Resist air-based damage; XP 890)

Room 19: The room is 25'x35'. A structure in the center of the room resembles a raised ship's wheel turned on its side so it is horizontal. If all the adventurers enter the room and close the door, the room will begin spinning wildly. Anyone who does not grab onto the wheel must save versus petrification be thrown against a wall and suffer 1d4 damage.

When the room stops spinning the door will open by itself, and the adventurers will find themselves in a cave located 1 mile from the castle. No return trip is possible by means of the door in the cave, as it now opens onto solid rock. A cave entrance is present, however, and the party may exit that way.

Room 20: The room is 10'x10'. If all of the adventurers enter the room and close the door, they will feel the room rise (50%) or descend (50%), like an elevator. When the room stops, the door will open by itself, revealing one of the other 19 rooms in this list. If the door is closed and opened again, it will lead to the hallway.

The Dungeon Master should not reuse the rooms, or do so sparingly. If the Room of Mystery is visited more than 20 times, you are encouraged to add rewards and dangers of your own devising.

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