Monday, December 15, 2014


5 VITTORINO'S BEDROOM. This room is equipped with a lock, but is not locked. This room is currently inhabited by Vittorino's homunculous

Homunculous (AC 6; MV 6”/18”; HD 2; hp 14; #AT 1 bite; D 1-3; SA Bite causes sleep; SA Saves as MU16; XP 109)

The homunculous has a neutral alignment, like irs creatror. It cannot speak, so it carries around a tiny chalkboard that it uses to communicate. This creature will not attack the party but will ask that they respect Vittorino's possessions. It is trapped here because it cannot get past the wight in Room 4. If convinced that the party has Vittorino's interests in mind and that they can reunite it with Vittorino, it may help them. If attacked it will attempt to flee. If the party kills the homunculous and later meets Vittorino, the alchemist will be very upset with the characters.

There is a comfortable but seldom used bed and a wardrobe with robes and cloaks with stars and moons on them. A spare wizard's hat rests on a nightstand next to a candle and a scroll of the third level magic spell gust of wind.

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