Tuesday, December 23, 2014


13 WASH ROOM. During the day four dingle mirks will be here guarding nine children who are scrubbing toilets, washing the floor, and generally cleaning up. During the night, the dingle mirks will be here alone making a mess for the children to clean the next day.

4 Dingle Mirks (AC 7; MV 12”; HD 2+1; hp 8, 12, 9, 4; #AT 1; D 1-6; SD Regenerate 1 hit point each round; XP 74, 86, 77, 62)

The children are between the ages of four and ten. Each will be clad in rags. They are frightened, cold, and tired from hard work but will be in good spirits if they sense the ability to be rescued. Older children will be able to give information about the drudge hag and dingle mirks in Room 15. They are afraid to run away on their own because of all the monsters wandering around.

In the center of the room is a large (eight foot diameter) pool, with a centrally located pump for water. The pool was used by the servants to bathe. There are four small glass skylights and the toilets are worked into the walls.

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