Thursday, December 4, 2014


59 LOCKSMITH'S ROOM. The lock on this door has a metal eagle's head design and is especially difficult to pick (-30% chance) but may be opened easily by the key in the locksmith's office in Room 7 Upper Dungeons Level 1.

This room was used by the resident locksmith and engraver. The quarters are rather plain. The walls are stone and the three windows are barred from the inside. The bed is simple and fitted with white sheets and blankets. A locked footlocker holds shirts, trousers, and the key to itself. A locked wardrobe holds shirts and black leather armor. There is a desk holding a quill pen, some ink (dried up), and a dagger. A candelabra, and a small table complete the furnishings. Hidden beneath a floorboard is a small locked chest holding 85 gold crescents, an emerald (500 gold crescent value), a spare set of thieves tools, and a black kid leather pair of gauntlets of dexterity.

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