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14 SERVANTS' PLAY ROOM. During the day, the drudge hag will be here scolding and criticizing the thirteen children who are cleaning the room, scrubbing clothes, washing windows, and otherwise performing for the evil hag's twisted enjoyment. This is made even more awful by the fact that this used to be the children's play room which has now become a room of sadness and drudgery. She has five dingle mirks to help her oversee the children.

At night, the hag will send the children to bed and assign dingle mirks to guard them in Rooms 15 and 16. She will usually remain here smoking a huge pipe and drinking whiskey.

Moigda the Drudge Hag (AC 6; MV 12”; HD 5+1; hp 30; #AT 1; D By weapon type + 3 to damage due to strength; SA Magic use; XP 705)

She will preferentially use her spell-like powers of polymorph other (to a normal rat), reduce, and slow before meleeing if she can. She will reserve her stinking cloud ability for last hoping it will cover her retreat if things get desperate.

Moigda also carries the necromantic needles of Nox and a fetish stick carved with the faces of demons and animals. The needles are used preferentially against any undead opponents that she might encounter and she usually grasps them in her left hand with the fetish stick in her right hand. The fetish stick is used as a focus for her power and she stands a 20% failure rate for casting her spell-like abilities if it is lost or broken. She can also use it to strike in combat as if it were a club.

5 Dingle Mirks (AC 7; MV 12”; HD 2+1; hp 9, 6, 12, 7, 11; #AT 1; D 1-6; SD Regenerate 1 hit point each round; XP 77, 68, 86, 71, 83)

The dingle mirks are even more frightened of Moigda than the children are. They do not need to make morale saves in her presence.

As before, the children are between the ages of four and ten. They are scared but will be ecstatic if rescued. If the characters succeed in getting them out of the castle alive, they will have relatives waiting for them in Sarcoy. At the discretion of the Dungeon Master, it is recommended that the party be rewarded with a 100 xp bonus per child rescued, assuming that the Player Characters are good, of course.

Moigda has a giant armchair that she sits in and takes her ease while watching others work. She has a giant meerschaum pipe (25 gold crescent value to a collector) and a supply of alcoholic beverages: thirteen bottles of whiskey, six of brandy, and seventeen of sour wine.

Hidden in the base of the chair is a compartment that can be opened by pressing a hidden stud on the armrest. Moigda believes it to be secret but all the children know it is there. It holds a 50 gold crescent onyx, a 1000 gold crescent black opal, and a tiny silver sarcophagus holding the body of a mummified monkey (sarcophagus 200 gold crescents; mummy no value).

Four plain glass windows in the north wall. A huge locked toy bin is here (Moigda has the key). It holds dolls and simple wooden toys like blocks and toy swords. The small closet in the southwest corner holds mops, brooms, soap, wash basins, and other cleaning supplies.

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