Thursday, December 11, 2014

Encounter Key: Inner Ward Second Floor

The Second Floor of the Inner Ward was the living quarters for several members of the Triskelion family, although there are a number of important specialty rooms and various work spaces used by the Triskelions to practice their professions or diversions.

The majority of the rooms are of dressed stone, with wooden beams supporting the ceilings. Floors are made of wood planks, except as noted elsewhere. Ceiling height generally is sixteen feet. Many rooms have cressets for torches or have candle-holders built into the walls.

This level directly connects to the Third Floor, the First Floor, and the Ground Level of the Inner Ward and it also connects to the Second Floor of the Outer Ward by means of a secret passage in Room 2.

While there are no real factions of men or bandits on the level, there are two important encounters that set the tone for the level.

REMNANTS OF THE GHOUL CULT. This level was where Armand Triskelion lived when he was above ground and he developed a secret temple in Room 39. Since his disgrace and defeat and the downfall of the castle, several of his ghouls and ghasts have returned to haunt the area, led by his former lover Margyre, now a ghast herself.

THE DRUDGE HAG. In Room 14 dwells a terrible drudge hag who relies oh her great strength and a magic item to protect herself and her servants from the undead who infest the level.

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