Friday, November 10, 2017


33RR THE RED DOOR. Though the party may enter this room as a group, after entry each character will find themselves alone in the room.

A dim flickering light is present within the room, causing shadows to move on the walls. The shadows are indistinct when viewed directly, but from the corner of the eye they take on deformed manlike shapes. The opposite door is the color of fresh blood.

The character will be aware that the thing they fear most is behind that door. Certain death, damnation, eternal torture, or worse exists just beyond that door.

Each player should be pulled aside and told this information and allowed to choose whether to enter the red door or not. Non-player characters must pass a morale save in order to do so.

Those characters who do enter the door find themselves in Room 33SS. Those who do not will remain in the hallway at the door to Room 33RR. Once a character attempted this trial they may not enter Room 33RR again, instead they will find themselves losing about a minute of time and ending up in the hallway again.

Characters who pass this trial and enter Room 33SS may come back this way again, but they will bypass Room 33RR and end up in the hallway. At that point, they too may never again try to enter Room 33RR.

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