Wednesday, November 29, 2017


33KKK SECRET ROOM. This small room has a peephole into Room 33III. A small table is against the west wall.

If the eyes from the peephole are removed, the person will be looking through the devil picture from Room 33III. Room 33KKK is in a similar time anomaly as Room 33JJJ, so the adventurer will be looking at Room 33III from the future, the past or an alternate reality. Roll 1d10 to indicate what the adventurer sees, or make up your own:

What is seen
Hender and Harlow Hollow are here, smoking, drinking, and having a bantering pretend argument.
A masked man comes into the room, pulls up a floorboard and deposits a sack under it. If the adventurers return to Room 33III and pull up the same floorboard, they will find a diamond worth 5000 gold crescents and the bones of a human hand.
The adventurer sees his own party entering Room 33III, looking around and stealing the sheets.
A grotesque dance of skeletons and beheaded zombies. The floor is covered with gore.
Hender and Hollow are engaged in amorous pursuits.
Figures are in the room, but they are moving so quickly that it is impossible to make out what they are doing, apparently there is a time flux.
The room is empty of occupants.
Hinny Hollow is sleeping in the Room alone. She suddenly wakes up, stares at the character behind the painting and screams. The room goes dark.
Harlan Hollow is here and the normal furniture has been replaced with a simple table. Harlan is expertly disassembling a bloated corpse with a dagger. Occasionally he takes a nibble from a soft part.
A man cowers in the corner, suddenly the door opens, a giant green hand and arm (so large that there is no way they could fit in Hollow House properly) reaches in a snatches the man. Amid his screams he is dragged into the hall. There are sloppy gurgling noises and then all is quiet.

Note that is is impossible to interact with what one sees in Room 33III from 33KKK unless time-defying measures such as a wish spell are used. If some characters are actually in Room 33III while thers are watching from the painting, the viewer will either not see them, or they will appear as ghostly transparent figures (DM's choice)

The table holds a pair of eyes of charming. These may be taken from this room and Room 33JJJ without fear of them disappearing.

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