Wednesday, November 1, 2017


33II TREASURE CACHE. This room is long, narrow, and cramped, about five feet wide and with a five foot ceiling. The room is choked with thick rusty iron wire and a silver casket (500 gold crescents value) decorated with a skull is at the end. It holds 6032 gold coins and a diminutive skeleton that looks like it would stand about two feet high. The bones are warped and twisted, however, giving it a demonic appearance. Wrapped around the skull is a silver crown (300 gold crescents). It is tightly adhered to the bone, as if there ws no room for flesh and skin in life, and the skull must be smashed to remove the crown.

The gold coins are unusual. Each has an 'H' on one side and a skull on the opposite.

Inside the skull of the small skeleton there is a black felt bag holding 30 silver pieces of a strange design and a cursed black pearl of wisdom (reversed to cause loss of one point of wisdom).


  1. particularly loved the 30 pieces of silver bit in the cache. Keep up the good work.
    Groaning Spirit