Thursday, November 2, 2017


33JJ FAMILY CRYPTS. The stone walls of this long hall hold niches where the bodies of Hollow family members are interred. Each niche is marked by the family members given name, which invariably begins with an 'H'.

The ceiling begins at ten feet, and then slopes gradually until it is only four feet at the extreme end. As the hall is traversed, the niches begin to get smaller and are placed closer to the floor. An examination of the bones will show a steady decrease in the height of the skeletons, with the oldest only having a stature of two feet or so. There are also curious deformities in the most ancient skulls – small horns, serrated pointy teeth, and overlarge jaws being some of the most striking.

The door at the far end is made of stone and difficult to move, a bend bars/ lift gates roll being required to open it. It is decorated with black symbols that seem to quiver slightly and induce a feeling of nausea when observed too closely.

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