Tuesday, November 7, 2017


33OO. THIRSTY STATUE. The room is dominated by the statue of a humanoid being with amorphous features. Its mouth is the size of a human head and wide open. A heavy stone goblet is in its right hand.

If holy water is poured into the goblet, the statue will take a drink from it and transform into a white shimmering figure that will heal the characters, remove any curses, cure blindness, cure disease, and so on until the characters are free of any afflictions. It will then bless the characters so that they will be at +1 on to hit rolls and saving throws for the remainder of the time they spend in Hollow House. The person who poured the holy water will immediately level up (if multiclass all classes will level up). It will then dissolve into thousands of golden motes of light and ascend through the ceiling.

If unholy water is poured into the goblet, the statue will take a drink. It will then crack apart and a dark shadowy form will speak to the character who poured the water in the voice of a child, "Give me the name of your enemy and I will bring ruin to them."

The owner of the next specific name that the character utters will be targeted by this creature, a shadow demon. Saying 'Bill', for example, will not trigger the attack, unless the character means a specific Bill. The demon will use its special abilities and attack modes to locate and to kill the person named.

Shadow Demon (AC 9, 5, or 1; MV 12”; HD 7+3; hp 38; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 1-6/1-6/1-8; SA Initial leap, magic use, increased to hit in darkness; SD Immune to cold, fire, lightning, resistance to damage in darkness; XP 1205)

Other liquids poured into the goblet will have no effect.

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