Tuesday, November 28, 2017


33JJJ TIME HAUNTED ROOM. This room is operating under an unusual time anomaly. Each time this room is entered, roll a 1d8 to see how the room appears, each appearance representing a different time in the room's existence. The only constant in the room is the painting of a barbed devil face on the south wall overlying the secret door.

1 Empty Room. This room is empty except for the painting. Outside the window it is snowing.

2 Crates. Storage crates are piled up here. Among the straw they hold are pots and pans, vases and urns. Outside it is autumn.

3 Girl's Bedroom. The room is decorated with bedroom furniture sized for a girl of about 8 years old. The wallpaper, bedsheets, etc. are all in pink. A doll house is here, having the same above-the-ground floorplan as Hollow House. There are action figures and dolls representing a werewolf, mummy, zombie, skeleton, vampire, unicorn, and princess. The unicorn doll has the word 'Excelsior' engraved on its back. If it is taken out of the house and the word 'Excelsior' is spoken in its presence it will become and real unicorn and serve for one day before leaving forever. Outside is night time.

4 Coffins. The room holds dozens of cheap pine coffins. Each holds a mouldering corpse. Outside the sky is bright purple and the sun is huge.

5 Marionette. The room holds a wooden clown marionette with broken teeth and missing eyes. If the room is left, reentered, and this room is found again, the marionette will be in a different place and position each time. Outside it is bright daylight.

6 Art Gallery. In addition to the barbed devil painting, there are paintings of men and women with pronounced physical deformities (harelip, hunchback, microcephaly, total agnathia, etc.)

7 Helga's Room. It is furnished as a bedroom in all dark colors grays and blacks. Though the furniture appears austere, the cushions and bed are surprisingly comfortable and all the furnishings are made of fine material. A writing desk is here holding Helga Hollow's diary. The early writings have to do with financial matters, especially debts owed to her by various persons, including Triskelion family members. The last few weeks of the diary, dated from about three years ago, have to do with Helga encountering a new lover, who she meets at night but whose face she can never see. The penultimate page is a assignation to meet her lover downstairs. The final page is an illusionist scroll of continual darkness, suggestion, and summon shadow. Outside it is dark and stormy.

8 Textured Room. The walls, ceilings, and floors have been replaced with some kind of firm but flexible material with varied rough geometric and corrugated patterns. Outside of each window is a huge eye with purple bulging veins and red iris. Each eye takes up the whole space of the window, making the viewer unable to see around it.

Attempting to break or open one of the windows will cause a temporal flux, with the outside time rushing into the room through the open window. This will open the door, push the characters out in the hallway, and close the door. Characters in the room will take 1d4 damage each.

Removing any items from the room, other than the magic unicorn doll or the magic scroll will cause them to disappear in 1d4 rounds, to be found again in Room 33JJJ when the correct iteration is visited.

The secret door to Room 33KKK will open if the painting is taken off the wall.


  1. How on the cursed earth do you come up with so much sheer badassery? Amazing stuff mate; really.

  2. all I can say is this is one of the best entries you've come up with yet and look forward to seeing more.
    Groaning Spirit