Tuesday, October 30, 2018


106 GIANT'S BEDROOM. A hill giant makes this room his lair. He is a squatter, not a murmillo, but the gladiators have not been able to evict him so far and tolerate his presence.

Boxnoxer, Hill Giant Squatter (AC 4; MV 8”; HD 8+1-2 hit points; hp 36; #AT 1; D 2-16; SA Hurling Rocks for 2-16; XP 1760)

He wears a simple gold ring of delusion (apparent value 10 gold crescents) which he believes to be a ring of feather falling.

He has three sacks:
  • 43 electrum lugdushes, 181 copper ganes, a carnelian valued at 200 gold crescents, and an illustrated book detailing the ancestry of a minor noble family from the city-state of Wolhusen. Several pages are missing from the back and it is only worth 2 gold crescents in its current condition.
  • 455 gold crescents, and four glass vials of a brown chalky substance. This is a potent stimulant and if sniffed will keep a person awake for the next 36 hours and render them immune to magical sleep. They are worth 25 gold crescents per hit.
  • 9 socks (none matched), 6 wheels of cheese wrapped in wax, 4 candles, and a tin cup.

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