Monday, August 27, 2018


41 GRIFFON'S ROOM. The griffon keeper is a dwarf.

Shanko, Lawful Neutral male hill dwarf Fighter (AC 4; MV 6”; F5; hp 33; #AT 1; D Hammer +1 +3 due to strength; S 18(12), I 9, W 9, D 13, C 16, CH 8; XP 348)

Shanko wears antique cursed black plate mail armor -1, making him look a bit like a wood burning stove with a beard.

3 Griffons (AC 3; MV 12”; HD 7; hp 35, 27, 21; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 1-4/1-4/2-16; XP 725, 645, 585)

The griffons obey Shanko completely. They were previously used in fights in the arena against other monsters and gladiators and have had their wings clipped, making flight impossible.

The smaller rooms are where the griffons sleep on beds of straw. The east room holds 543 silver spanners. The south room holds three spinels (100 gold crescents each) and an ivory and gold drinking horn (400 gold crescents). The west room holds two unlabeled potions of growth (red, taste of wine, smell like teen spirit) in metal stoppered flasks.

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