Friday, August 3, 2018


17 LOCKED ROOM. The room is bitingly cold and staying in this room will cause 1 hp/round damage starting on the third round, unless protected by warm clothing or magic. An undead monster is here.

The Ice Creep, Restless Dead (AC 4; MV 12”; HD 5+3; hp 23; #AT 1; D 1-6 + 1d4 cold; SA Energy drain; SD Silver or magic weapons to hit, limited spell immunity; XP 613)

It resembles a hairless gray well-muscled zombie with unusually prominent outward-jutting teeth and black on black lustrous eyes. Its touch does an extra 1d4 cold damage with each touch and drains a life energy level. It is immune to spells that do not affect undead (cold, mind-affecting spells) but takes double damage from fire. It can be turned as a wraith.

This room is lit by a strange cold blue illumination with no clear origin. If the Ice Creep is destroyed, it will go out.
There are four small sealed orange metal urns near the north wall. The first urn is an eversmoking bottle. The next three urns contain chalky grave dust. Buried in one of them is a silvery ring with a pearl, appearing to be worth 250 gold crescents but actually a ring of water walking. The command word for the eversmoking bottle, “mekoms”, is engraved on the interior of the ring.

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