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39 BIANCA'S ROOM. The door to this room is wizard locked.

Bianca, Neutral female elf Fighter/Magic-user (AC 4; MV 12”; F5/MU6; hp 24; #AT 1; D Spear +2, Fire Brand; SA +1 to hit with bow or sword; SD 90% resistant to sleep and charm; S 15, I 17, W 11, D 17, C 15, CH 17; XP 717)

First Level Magic User Spells:
Burning Hands (X3), Charm Person

Second Level Magic User Spells:
Forget, Knock, Mirror Image

Third level Magic User Spells:
Fireball, Haste

She wears a platinum necklace decorated with a ruby valued at 3000 gold crescents and a ruby ring (valued at 2000 gold crescents) which allows the wearer to pass through the wizard-locked door at will. She keeps a small crystal on a silver chain (15 gold crescent value) for the read magic spell on her wrist. She carries other spell components in a pouch at her belt: licorice root, corn extract, some parchment, a piece of mica, and two magnets.

Three red tapestries are on the wall, each worth 500 gold crescents and weighing 400 gp weight. The bedclothes and pillows are high quality and worth 50 gold crescents total. An iron box is under a desk. It is trapped with a poison needle. The victim must save vs poison or experience a prolonged increase in body temperature, causing unconsciousness for 1d10+10 days and 1d20 points of damage. It holds Bianca's spell book and the following treasure:
  • 3 platinum sirastars
  • 34 gold vinimes
  • 24 silver tamos
  • 1068 gold crescents
  • 1288 silver spanners
  • A fine ink for the write spell, valued at 400 gold crescents.

The spell book contains:

First Level:
Burning Hands, Charm Person, Mending, Read Magic, Write

Second Level Magic User Spells:
Continual Light, Forget, Knock, Mirror Image, Rope Trick, Shatter, Wizard Lock

Third level Magic User Spells:
Fireball, Haste

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