Sunday, April 15, 2018


95 CENTRAL CRYOGENIC POD. The three dimetrodons and the two deinonychus from Rooms 96 and 97 have been attracted to this room because of the large carcass of a brontosaurus which has not survived cold hibernation. Its huge pod is open and the five carnivores are feeding on it.

There is a 90% chance that the deinonychus from Room 97 will have arrived here as the characters enter and a 60% chance that the dimetrodons from Room 96 will have also.

3 Dimetrodons (AC 4; MV 12"//6"; HD 4; hp 25, 18, 12 ; #AT 1 bite; D 1d10+5; XP 165, 137, 113)

2 Deinonychus (AC 4: MV 21" (+1" jump); HD 4+1; hp 20, 19; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 1d2/1d2/2d4; SA Gutting Talons for 2d6 (+2 to hit); XP 230, 225)

The ceiling height is twenty feet and the deinonychus can use their jump attack here. The giant pod that the brontosaurus is in has a domed white cover and has opened to the side.

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