Tuesday, April 10, 2018


90 WEAPON DEPOT. The crying Triskelions deposit all the weapons of the laughing and scowling Triskelions that they kill here. A rust monster, attracted by the swords that the crying Triskelions dumped here, has taken up residence.

Rust Monster (AC 2; MV 18”; HD 5; hp 30; #AT 2 antennae; D Nil; SA Destroys metal; SA Hit on monster destroys metal; XP 305)

There are ninety two whips of the type employed by the scowling Triskelions. There is also a special magic long sword Roger the Uncorrodable. This is a long sword +3, +5 vs rust monsters and disenchanters. It is an intelligent long sword with neutral alignment, intelligence of 16, ego of 16 and speaks common and can speak with all other intelligent magic weapons. It is completely resistant to corrosion and anti-magic such as rust monsters, disenchanters, dispel magic spells, all types of acid, and slimes and oozes that destroy through corrosive effects.

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