Friday, February 23, 2018


44 SECURE ROOM. The metal doors are sealed airtight. They are the type with the wheel located on the center, but each has a metal pin on the inside wheel, so treat them as barred doors.

The walls are mirrors. A throne is in the middle of the room, with a skeletal occupant.

The mirrors that line the walls extend from the floor to the ceiling. Every few minutes one of the mirrors will become a scrying device and show one of the passages or rooms on this level in real time, thus adventurers might see a group of vat men or other monsters come into view. These images last for a few seconds to a minute in length.

The throne is made of metal and is on a swivel. The figure on the throne is dressed in a white coat and black pants and turtleneck shirt. Clinging to the head are long strands of white hair in the back, this being the remains of Valerian Triskelion. His ornate belt is actually a belt of protection +2 (like the ring of the same name) and he carries a metal box holding a score of index cards with holes punched in them. These index cards are instructions that can be fed into the machine in Room 68 to create vat creatures.

Two hemispherical bumps are on the arm rest at hand level and touching them will cause the scrying mirrors to react quickly, causing them to show images in a dizzying way that will be sure to nauseate. If a person of average intelligence or better sits in the throne (evicting the incumbent) then they will be able to use the device, although it will take hours (for genius level) to a week (for average intelligence) of practice to use the device properly. In this way, adventurers may spy on the inhabitants of the level.

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