Saturday, February 17, 2018


38 BLUE LABORATORY. The walls, ceiling, and floor are all different shades of blue. One table holds glass flasks. A cabinet is against one wall.

There are five glass Erlenmeyer flasks on the table, each about two gallon size and stoppered with a cork. There is a small occupant in each flask: a man, a woman, a gorilla, a lion, and a cow. The tiny figures are alive and will react if approached according to their natures. If any of the corks are opened the occupant will dissolve since they are gas creatures kept alive under special pressure.

The cabinet has three shelves. The first shelf is labeled 'noises' and holds dozens of seemingly empty transparent glass bottles labeled with different sounds such as 'scream', 'laugh' and 'hello'. If the bottle is uncorked it will release the sound kept within it.

The next shelf is labeled 'miscellaneous'. It holds three labeled potions of gaseous form (clear, tasteless, odorless) and an iron flask holding an invisible stalker.

The third shelf is labeled 'air' and that is all it holds.

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