Sunday, February 18, 2018


39 BURNT LABORATORY. The interior is blackened and charred. Fragile gray ash is piled on the floor.

A thorough search will reveal a locked metal strongbox, largely undamaged by the fire. It is trapped with a poison needle. If not disarmed, the poison will cause the sudden release of all stored chemical energy in the body, causing the victim to begin smoking in one round, suffer scorching heat in three rounds, and explode in six rounds. Every person within ten feet will suffer 1d6 damage from the energetic reaction and burnt bony shrapnel.

Inside the box are three scrolls, each written on metal foil instead of paper or parchment. The first is a magic-user scroll of burning hands, fireball, and pyrotechnics. The next is a magic-user scroll of fire charm, fire shield, and incendiary cloud. The last scroll is a scroll of laser beam eyes. When a person reads the scroll, the writing will disappear and the reader's eyes will turn red. That person will now be able to shoot laser beams from their eyes three times a day for the next three days, doing 1d10+10 damage and automatically hitting their target (treat as a magic missile for purposes of targeting).


  1. I would rule IMC that using a Permanency in conjunction with this scroll would let them permanently use the ability. Thoughts?
    Groaning Spirit

  2. lol well permanency only works with certain spells described in the ad&d players handbook. It is subject to dispel magic, too. If you would rule that then you would have to assign a spell level to the scroll, also.