Sunday, February 4, 2018


25 INCINERATOR. A huge furnace is here, still lit and radiating immense heat. Ten mouldering human corpses wrapped in cloth sacks are stacked on one side and a metal desk is opposite.

Above the corpses is a sign labeled "For Incineration, please be courteous to your incinerator staff".

The desk holds various papers detailing incinerator maintenance and employee schedules. Among them is a magic scroll.

When read out loud, the scroll will summon a superb owl, which will appear immediately and will fulfill one task before leaving and taking the scroll with it.

Superb Owl (AC 4; MV 6”/36”; HD 6; hp 48; #AT 2 talons and 1 beak; D 3-12/3-12/2-8; SA Surprise on a 1-5; SD Never surprised, immune to cold and lightning, regeneration; MR 50%; XP 963)

The superb owl is somewhat larger than a giant owl, and can carry two normal sized humans without any reduction in its flight speed. It can speak all languages and has the knowledge of a sage with a specialty in all fields, without needing any time to study and always being correct. It makes saving throws as an 17th level fighter and is manouverabilty class A. It regenerates as a troll and takes half damage from attacks by creatures from the elemental plane of air or avian creatures.

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