Saturday, October 21, 2017


33X LOCKED ROOM. The door sports an overlarge brass doorknob with an ornate human-like face. Any attempts to open the door will result in the doorknob animating, enlarging and grumpily asking "who goes there?"

Only the use of one of the golden keys found in Hollow House will allow safe entry. Otherwise the doorknob's mouth will gape wide and the door will become rubbery, allowing the doorknob to attack.

Doorknob Monster (AC 5; MV 0”; HD 3+1; hp 22; #AT 1 bite; D 1-8; SA Die 20 indicates double damage (2-16); XP 213)

Within the room is a stack of 14 golden skulls. Each is eerily perfect and worth 50 gold crescents each. In fact the are made too well and are dramatically disturbing, lowering the price. If the gold is melted down, the whole lot is worth 1400 gold crescents.

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