Monday, October 16, 2017


33S LONG HALL. This hall is short on the map, but appears at least 500 feet to a person standing within it. At the east end of the hall, standing at the top of the stairs, is the transparent ghostly figure of a little girl of about eight years. Any person who has been to Room 33J and studied the portraits will recognize her as Hilda Hollow.

Hilda Hollow, Restless Dead (AC -10; MV 9"; HD 3; hp 13; #AT 0; D Nil; SD Limited spell immunity; XP -)

Hilda is staring down the stairs if the adventurers have come from the hall. If the adventurers are advancing up the stairs, then she is staring at them.

If the adventurers should come at her from the hall way, she will turn to look at them and say "There is a bad man downstairs, he wants me to go down there with him." If the adventurers look at where she points, they will see nothing. She does not look frightened, only sad.

If she is not attacked she will follow the adventurers around the house. She is insubstantial, but barriers such as doors, walls, etc. seem to curtail her movements. However, she cannot leave Hollow House unless exorcised or destroyed and she will not go downstairs at all.

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