Friday, October 6, 2017


33I KITCHEN. The cobwebs hanf from the doorways to this room and the whole place is grey and dingy. Five whimpering larva are tied to the very large freestanding butcher block.

5 Larva (AC 7; MV 6”; HD 1; hp 5 each; #AT 1 bite; D 2-5; XP 15 each)

Within a minute after the characters enter, they will realize they can see hazy figures busting about the kitchen. These gradually become clearer and clearer until they are nearly distinct. Each is a skeletal figure with a thin layer of grey skin over their bones. They are dressed as chefs and are busy preparing a meal.

3 Chefs, Restless Dead (AC 4; MV 12"; HD 3; hp 14 each; #AT 1 weapon; D 1-8; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 132 each)

These restless dead are immune to spells that do not affect undead. One chef carries a cleaver, he intends to chop up the larva for a ragout and he has his chilis and carrots already cut. The next chef carries a thick iron frying pan and the third holds a heavy iron spoon as he stirs the stinking contents of an iron cauldron.

The chefs will ignore the party unless attacked or someone tries to stop them from cutting up the larva.

Among the cookbooks on a high shelf there is mixed in a magic-user's spell scroll holding the spells magic missile, tongues, and web.

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