Sunday, March 19, 2017


15PP GORBOG THE MIGHTY. A statue carved from black veined marble rests in the center of the room. The east and west walls are decorated with torch sconces and there are several small round windows in the south wall.

The statue resembles a beefy man-ape sitting in the lotus position. If any person enters the room, the statue's mouth will bellow "I am Gorbog the Mighty. Make your offering and accept your reward." It will then stretch open its mouth as if expecting a sacrifice of items. If any food or valuable objects are deposited in the statue's mouth, it will say "The reward of Gorbog" and raise its right hand. From the index finger a beam of white light will strike the person who made the offering. This beam will grant great confidence (+50% morale to NPCs) and luck (+2 on saving throws) for 24 hours.

If the statue is desecrated or insulted, it will raise its left hand and say "The punishment of Gorbog". From the index finger a ray of deepest black will shoot out at the person who offended Gorbog, doing 2d10 damage (half if a save vs death magic is made).

Once it has either benefited or admonished one person it will go dormant for 24 hours. A hidden keyhole is in the back of the statue (treat it as a secret door for search purposes). If the key is inserted (Grondak has it in Room 15QQ), a panel will open allowing offering to Gorbog to be collected.

The secret door to Room 15QQ is a sliding type, operated by pulling down on a torch sconce on the wall.

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