Monday, March 6, 2017


15CC OSCAR'S NURSERY. The door to this room is labeled 'Oscar'. This unlighted room smells of baby oil and talc. A monstrously large crib holds a two headed baby which Huvvard found abandoned one day.

Oscar the Baby Ettin (AC 5; MV 3”; HD 4; hp 17; #AT 2; D 1-6/1-4; SD Surprised only on a 1; XP 128)

The baby has a dirty diaper and needs a change. It is about the equivalent of a one year old human baby in terms of development, but five feet tall and very strong and heavy. It used to being changed by a nurse but its behavior as a baby is erratic, roll normal reaction roll. It has a golden rattle decorated by a ruby (2500 gold crescent value).

If Oscar is attacked or mistreated he will cry loudly summoning his nurse from Room 15EE.

All of the items needed to take care of a giant baby are here. The wallpaper and furniture is decorated with animals and shapes. There are several small round windows in the north wall, but they are shuttered up.

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