Saturday, March 18, 2017


15OO STUDY. The room is designed for comfort, wth rich rugs on the floor, a small table holding a book, a desk and chair, and a chandelier.

The small table holds Huvvard's spell book. It has all the spells that she has memorized along with gust of wind, levitate, light, read magic, and wall of iron.

There is also a desk holding another bottle of fine ink for the write spell (400 gold crescent value), ten sheets of fine vellum (10 gold crescents each), twenty four sheets of parchment (4 gold crescents each), and a specially made calligraphy pen that gives a +4 on saving throws when using the write spell. Inside the desk there is a diamond (3000 gold crescent value) that Huvvard thinks is only rock crystal (she uses it for the read magic spell).

The three rugs on the floor are each worth 80 gold crescents.

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