Saturday, December 5, 2015


43E MOUTH OF THE DAMNED. A large chasm stretches from the south to the east wall. On the west wall, there is a giant stone face of a bat with huge red gems for eyes.

There is a 10% chance for each 500 gp weight that the floor within 2 feet of the edge of the chasm will crumble when weight is placed upon it. It will then require a saving throw versus petrification at -2 to keep from falling in. It is a drop of about 40 feet to Room 33 of The Upper Dungeons Level Three, doing 4d6 damage. The chasm is about eight feet at its widest point.

The eyes of the statue are huge rubies worth 5000 gold crescents each. The stone bat face is huge and the eyes are about seven feet off the floor (ceiling height is about ten feet).

There is a 10% chance each round that this room is occupied that the dementings in Room 43F will use their exceptional hearing to perceive an intruder. This goes up to 90% if the party is being very loud, and 99% if the party causes a rockslide in the chasm or tries to pry out the eyes.

The huge mouth of the stone bat face (about five feet off the floor) connects with Room 43F through a cylindrical tunnel, about 14 feet long by 3 feet in diameter. The dementings travel through this tunnel in waves of 1d4+1 per round.

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