Tuesday, December 8, 2015


43H THE GOODS. A very large dementing sits here atop a pile of loot. This dementing is very odd looking, being the only one who has eyes. Its eyes are round, the size of dinner plates, and look a bit like silvered mirrors.

The Guardian (AC 6; MV 3”; HD 4+2; hp 25; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 3-6/3-6/1-8; SA Surprise on a 1-3; SD Never Surprised; XP 265)

In addition to its acute hearing, the Guardian's great eyesight gives it resistance to being surprised. If it can, it will make a whooping holler which will attract the attention of the dementings in Room 43G. They will arrive to bring succor to the Guardian in 1 round.

The wealth of the dementings consists of bric-a-bric that they have gathered for years. Most of the stuff is junk: broken casks, leather straps, clothing, etc. However the following treasure is also present:

  • 2367 copper pieces in a dented metal urn
  • A suit of silver 'coin armor' consisting of 985 silver spanners sewn onto leather, providing armor equivalent to ring mail in terms of protection, but having 1135 gp weight.
  • A book titled “Esoteric Demon Lore” by Vladimavan Triskelion describing a non-standard demon classification system dividing demons into 13 minor types (A to M) and 13 major types (N to Z). It should also be considered a spell book and includes the magic-user spells Cacodemon and Contact Other Plane.
  • A left boot holding 46 gold crescents
  • A bone scrollcase made from a giant's tibia holding a single scroll with the druid spells Call Lightning and Plant Door.

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