Thursday, December 3, 2015


43C STRANGE STATUE. A statue stands near the south wall. It resembles a typical tripartite Triskelion statue, but the features of the heads are bat-like. In its hands it holds the staff, sword, and nine tailed whip, now so familiar.

Touching the statue will cause it to emit a three dimensional programmed illusion showing scenes from the ancient Nykterran civilization. In the first of three scenes the adventurers will appear to be standing in a city deep below the ground. The buildings are huge (skyscraper size). They look like giant black stalagmites and hold hundreds of round windows but there are no doors. The inhabitants are humanoid bat-like creatures that fly between the buildings. These creatures resemble dementings, but stand fully erect, six feet tall with functional wings and eyes. The adventurers are not really there, so they cannot interact with the citizens.

The next scene will be in a large room filled with strange equipment. The bat-like creatures appear to be conducting sorcerous and scientific experiments. It is obvious that they are a very advanced species.

The final scene is really a collage of sorts showing multiple disasters that toppled the civilization of the bat men. There are attacks from giant creatures resembling dark furred toads and from strange pale men riding dragon like creatures. The city is also plagued by purple worms and giant shadowy forms that can not be made out distinctly.

Each scene takes about a turn to play out, but the doors will not be visible while the illusion is ongoing. If the adventurers wish to leave before the illusion finishes they will have to search to find them.

The statue will remain dormant for one day after creating the illusion, as it recharges.

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