Sunday, April 26, 2015


56 FLOATING TABLES. Although there are no visible sources of light, somehow everything in the room can be clearly seen. There are about half a dozen small round tables with white tablecloths flying through the air. Each holds a metal tray with small hors d'oeuvres or deserts on them. As the tables fly about, the food changes randomly. Anytime a person grabs some food from a plate, roll on tables 1 and 2 to see what they get. 

Table 1

1d10 Food
1 Baby corn
2 Canapé (brown bread, cream cheese, and herb)
3 Cookie
3 Deviled egg
4 Fried breaded cheese stick
5 Muffin
6 Pickle
7 Pig in a blanket
8 Sliced cold cut on a toothpick
9 Tiny pie or tart
10 Tomato bruschetta

Table 2

1d10 Taste
1 Bitter
2 Buttery
3 Chocolate
4 Fruity
5 Hot spicy pepper
6 Minty
7 Nutty
8 Sawdust
9 The worst thing ever
10 What you would expect

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