Saturday, April 18, 2015


48 LIBRARY. Two gnomes are studying quietly here. If there are sounds of battle coming from Room 47, the gnomes here probably notice it and investigate, but that is not true in reverse, since the gnomes in Room 47 are usually pretty noisy.

Linoford Potts, Chaotic Evil male gnome Fighter/ Illusionist (AC 6; MV 6”; F4/I4; hp 16; #AT 1; D ; S 14, I 15, W 11, D 16, C 8, Ch 12; SA Spell use; XP 245)

First Level Illusionist Spells:
Audible Glamer, Change Self, Dancing Lights

Second Level Illusionist Spells:
Blindness, Blur

Linoford wears leather armor and wears a gray furry wizard hat. He carries 44 gold mabans and several pieces of wytchwood for the dancing lights spell.

Hellbreath Smallbones, Chaotic Evil male gnome Assassin (AC 8; MV 6”; A5; hp 28; #AT 1; D Short sword +1 or dart; S 13, I 11, W 9, D 12, C 15, Ch 4; XP 393)

Thief skills: PP 40%, OL 38% F/RT 40% MS 32% HS 25% HN 25% CW 72% RL -

Hellbreath wears leather armor and has a black conical hat with a white skull design on it. He keeps a set of thieves' tools, five darts, and a purse with 17 gold mabans, 13 electrum lugdushes, and 5 silver khurams.

The room is furnished as a library and study with desks and bookcases. Most of the books deal with illusionist magic and are written in illusionary script that can only be read by illusionists. Many other books deal with poisons, disguise, and making forgeries. These are written in illusionary script that can only be read by assassins. In addition, Linoford's and Maximilius's spell books are here, containing the spells they have memorized. Three windows are in the west wall.


  1. We're missing the contents of the spellbooks you mentioned, unless they just have the spells known as listed.
    Groaning Spirit

    1. Yes, that was intended, but I could have made it clearer. You would make a good editor.