Monday, April 13, 2015


43 STORAGE ROOM. This room contains the parts needed for the dangerous toys. They need to be fed into the machine and three gnit workers are being used for the purpose.

3 Gnits (AC 7; MV 9”; HD 2-5 hit points; hp 2, 4, 2; #AT 1; D Shovel for 1d2; XP 7, 9, 7)

The gnits are shoveling the pieces into bowl-like receptacles. Lacking normal weapons, they fight with their shovels for 1d2 damage. Each has 3d8 copper pieces.

The raw material for the toys are in large bins against the north wall. The bins hold scrap metal, cotton wadding, twigs and wood chips, teeth (large variety of species), insect carcasses, and scraps of paper with nasty words written on them. Two glass windows are in the west wall.

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