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52 VESTIBULE OF THE DAMNED. This room is where those swallowed by the giant mouth in Room 8 are deposited after being chewed. The guardian of the room is a pink skinned dwarf-like monster known as Uvulon.

The Vile Uvulon (AC 6; MV 9”; HD 4+2; hp 21; #AT 2 fists; D 4-9/4-9; SA Paralyzation; SD Regenerate 1 hit point each round; Size S; XP 310)

Recall that this is a room of reverse gravity. The inside of the mouth can be seen in the ceiling, but from this side the tongue and teeth do no harm. The walls, floor, and ceiling are made of a soft pink fleshy material, as would be expected of an oral cavity. Those victims who arrive from Room 8 that are paralyzed will be encysted in the fleshy walls. Those who are not must face Uvulon. He has the equivalent of 18/25 strength and can paralyze with a touch, similar to a ghast. If he can paralyze an opponent he will also place them into encystment. Uvulon draws nourishment from the room by tiny rootlike organs on his feet. Although he is able to leave the room, he can only regenerate while within it.

Currently there are three victims in the room. The cysts they are contained in are transparent membranes that only slightly obscure the victim' features.

Dully Gurney, Chaotic Evil male gnome Fighter (AC 10; MV 6"; F4; hp 18 (24); #AT 1; D By weapon type; S 11 (14), I 4(7), W 8(11), D 6(9), C 9(12), Ch 6(9); XP 180 (210))

Kit Kolleve, Neutral Good female elf Fighter (AC 10; MV 12”; F3; hp 12 (16); #AT 1; D By weapon type; S 13(15); I 10(12); W 9 (11); D 6(8); C 13(15); Ch 14(16); XP 108 (124))

Brioro Bjong, Lawful Neutral male human Monk (AC 9; MV 16”; M2; #AT 1; D 1-4 or by weapon type; hp 5(11); S 8(15); I 5(12); W 8(15); D 8(15); C 8(15); Ch 6(13); XP 65(83))

Thief skills: OL 29% F/RT 25% MS 21% HS 15% HN 10% CW 86%

Anyone suffering in this fashion will have a point from each ability score drained immediately, and then another each day until one of the scores reaches 0, at which point they will have become entirely digested. Statistics in parentheses are normal, undrained statistics. Victims can be saved by cutting the membrane with any sharp weapon, but they will remain paralyzed for another 3d4 turns after being freed. Lost ability scores will return at the rate of 1 point for each day of complete rest. Equipment with the victim must save versus “acid” as per the table in the Dungeon Master's Guide page 80 once per day or be destroyed. Treat the equipment with the above three victims as having already been destroyed.

If anyone is foolish enough to climb back up into the mouth, they will be attacked and chewed up, then 'swallowed' again. See Room 8 for the mouth's statistics.

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