Thursday, April 9, 2015


39 ROVEN'S PRISON. This room can be reached through Area 3, the Tall Hall. Gravity is reversed in Room 39, as it is through most of the Third and a Half Floor. This means that if the adventurers climb up to the door, they will see Roven Haven the gnome and his furniture on what appears to be the ceiling. If they try to enter the room from Area 3 without taking sensible precautions, they will fall upwards, though the distance is small enough that damage will not be sustained.

Roven Haven, Lawful Good male gnome Fighter (AC 10; MV 6"; F2; hp 16; #AT 1; D By weapon type; S 10, I 9, W 15, D 6, C 11, Ch 10; XP 83)

Roven is an outcast and the son of Grog Haven, see Room 47. Unlike the other gnomes on the level, he is not evil, and so was imprisoned when he refused to make destructive toys. Roven is unarmed and unarmored. If defeated as he is without weapons, no experience points should be awarded.

Roven is not locked in, but because he is afraid of heights he will not leave the room unless convinced to do so by a fair bit of persuasion. Roven dislikes the other gnomes, but will not take up arms against them because he considers them to be family, no matter how evil.

The room is sparsely furnished as a bedroom. There is a bottle of water and some food. His father occasionally brings him new provisions, along with lectures to shape up and conduct the family business properly.

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