Monday, June 9, 2014


This magic ink can create ink-based lifeforms. The user must splash the ink on the floor (or throw the pot of ink and have it break) and yell out the name of the creature that they desire the ink to simulate. The ink will then become that creature with the following restrictions:

  • The creation will obey the user for a number of hours equal to the charisma score of the user. After this the monster will wander away and if encountered again, use the reaction roll table.
  • The maximum hit dice is 4
  • The best possible armor class is 3
  • The maximum size is about that of a mid sized bear
  • The creation is brown in color
  • The creation will do proportionally less damage than the original if modeled after a monster of greater than 4 hit dice
  • Attempting to create a life form based on an incorporeal creature, such as an air elemental or ghost will result in a mist-like creation with no attacks
  • Attempting to emulate undead or characters with classes will only produce a human-like creation of 1 hit die and having one attack for 1-6 damage. For example, yelling out “vampire”, “monk”, or “bandit” will have this effect.
  • The creation will have all of the physical attacks and movement types of the simulated monster, but will not have the special abilities of the original. In other words it cannot cast spells, use a breath weapon, regenerate, cause fear or paralysis, have immunity to cold or poison, etc. It can use purely physical special abilities, such as draining blood if modeled after a giant weasel, hug if modeled after a bear, or rake if modeled after a tiger.
  • If the user fails to call out the name of a creature, the ink will default to a 4 hit die brown ochre jelly doing 2-8 damage.

XP VALUE: 1,000

GP VALUE: 5,000


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