Saturday, June 28, 2014


48 THRONE ROOM.  This room was used by Triskelion family members to receive important guests, pass judgement, make decisions, and hear petitioners.  A permanent illusion gives the impression of a eighty foot high ceiling instead of the real height of about thirty eight feet. The thrones near the west wall are raised by a series of steps to four feet above the rest of the room and they are flanked by a pair of tripartite Triskelion statues. There are fireplaces to the northwest and southwest. There are windows high up in the north and south walls. The north wall is also decorated by crimson drapes with the Triskelion black shield and three white legs design. The doors to the south have the same motif. The pillars are of the same gray stone as the walls and are carved with the heads of beasts, men, and demons.

The great thrones are painted gold and purple. Sitting in the left throne will allow one to see from the perspective of the throne in Room 74 of the Upper Dungeons Level 1. The viewer will see a smaller throne room with sets of stone pillars decorated with the shapes of animals. Sitting in the right throne will allow the viewer to see from the perspective of the throne in Room 48 of Dungeon Level 13, the Red Halls. They will see a room almost identical to this one, but lit by an eerie red light.  There is a 35% chance that they will see 1 to 3 giant gruesome black furred toads, the denizens of that area. 

The windows in the north and south walls allow people in Rooms 35, 37, and 44 of the First Floor to view this room.

The secret door can be opened by lowering the sword arm of the northern Triskelion statue. Vicenne Triskelion and his hobgoblins know about the secret door, although the Red Legs do not.

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